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River/Barge Cruise Lines

Barging along a country waterway

Abercrombie & Kent (A&K)

1520 Kensington Road

Oak Brooke, Illinois 60523

Tel: 1-800-323-7308

Fax: 1-630-954-3324

UK Office

Tel: 171 730 9600

Websites: or 


Sun Boat III 40 p; Egypt registry

Sun Boat IV  80 p; Egypt registry

Sanctuary Nile Adventurer (1999/2009*)  70 p; Egypt registry


About Abercrombie & Kent

For forty years, Abercrombie & Kent (A&K) has been internationally recognized as the first name in luxury adventure travel. Started in 1962 as a safari company in Nairobi, Kenya, A&K's travel and tour operations now extend across the globe

Of the barges and river vessels used, A&K owns the Sun Boat III and IV and the Sanctuary Nile Adventurer that cruise the Nile in Egypt. The following other vessels listed are chartered for the 2010 cruise season and show passenger capacity and region of cruise: Actief (11 p England), Alouette (6 p France), Amaryllis (8 p France), Anjodi ( 8 p; France), Caprice (21 p France), Eclipse (48 p; Ecuador), Elizabeth (6 p; France), Enchante (8 p; France), Fleur de Lys (6 p France), Hirondelle (8 p France), L’Art de Vivre (8 p; France), La Belle Epoque (13 p; France), L’Abercrombie (22 p France), Lafayette (22 p France), L’Art de Vivre (8 p France), La Nouvlle Etoile (8 p; France), L’Impressionniste (13 p; France), Lorraine (22 p; France), Magna Carta (8 p; England), Majorie II (12 p), Meanderer (6 p; France), Napoléon (12-p France), Le Phenicien (18 pl France), Prosperite (8 p; France), Renaissance (8 p; France), River Cloud II (86 p; Germany, Austria, Hungary), Road To Mandalay (124 p; Burma),

Princess Royale (22-p Belgium/Holland), Provence (50-p France), Roi Soleil (6 p; France), Safari Explorer (40 p; Alaska), Safari Quest (22 p; Alaska),  Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer (124  p; China), Saroche (6 p; France), Scottish Highlander (8 p; Scotland),

Shannon Princess II (10 p; Ireland), and the Volga Dream (116 p; Russia).

AMA Waterways

21625 Prairie Street

Chatsworth, California 91311

Tel: 1-800-626-0126 (Reservations)




ms Amadouro (2005) 130 p; Switzerland registry

ms AmaBella (2010) 172 p; Switzerland registry

ms AmaCello (2008) 150 p; Switzerland registry

ms AmaDagio (2006) 150 p; Switzerland registry

ms AmaDante (2008)150 p; Switzerland registry

ms AmaDolce (2009) 150 p; Switzerland registry

ms AmaKaterina 210 p; Russia registry

ms AmaLegro (2007) 150 p; Switzerland registry

ms AmaLotus (2010)  126 p; Vietnam registry

ms AmaLyra (2009) 150 p; Switzerland registry

ms AmaVerde (2011) 172p; Switzerland registry

ms La Marguerite (2009)  92 p; Vietnam registry

ms Swiss Pearl (1993/2006*)  126 p; Switzerland registry

About AMA Waterways

AMAWATERWAYS was founded in 2002 as Amadeus Waterways by river cruise industry pioneer, Rudi Schreiner, cruise industry executive Kristin Karst, and former owner of Brendan Worldwide Vacations, Jimmy Murphy. Renamed AMA Waterways, the line operates cruises on the historic Danube, Rhine, Main and Mosel rivers. It also offers cruises in Russia, Portugal and Southeast Asia on chartered vessels.

American Cruise Lines (ACL)

741 Boston Post Road

Suite 200

Guilford, Connecticut 06437

Tel:  800-814-6880


Vessel: Unnamed Sternwheeler (2012)  140 p; US registry

About American Cruise Lines

ACL will begin river cruises in 2012 with a new sternwheeler currently under construction at the Chesapeake Shipbuilding Yard in Maryland. Initial cruises will be on the Mississippi River on routes formerly run by Delta Queen Steamboat Company, although the company expects to operate itineraries on the Ohio, Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers as well.

Aqua Expeditions

Operational Headquarters at:

Calle Huallaga 215



Loreto, Peru

Tel: (51 65) 60 1053

Fax: (51 65) 23 4827

Cell: (51 65) 96570 0600


Website: /


MV Aqua (2007)  24 p; Peru registry

MV Aria (2011) 32 p;  Peru registry

About Aqua Expeditions

Aqua Expeditions is a Lima, Peru-based tour operator that launched in 2007. Founded by CEO Francesco Galli Zugaro. Galli Zugaro, who previously worked with a boutique cruise tour operator in the Galapagos Islands. If offers year-round cruises of varying lengths from and to Iquitos with shore excursions in the Amazon rainforest and jungle.

Avalon Waterways

5301 South Federal Circle

Littleton, Colorado 80123

Tel: 877.797.8791 (reservations)



Avalon Affinity (2009)  140 p; Germany registry

Avalon Artistry ® (2004) 178 p; Malta registry

Avalon Creativity ® (2009)  140 p; Germany registry

Avalon FelicitySM (2010)  138 p; Germany registry

Avalon Imagery ® (2007) 170 p; Malta registry

Avalon LuminarySM (2009) 138 p; Germany registry

Avalon PanoramaSM (2011) 166 p;  TBA

Avalon Poetry (2005)  176 p; Malta registry

Avalon Scenery ® (2008)  138 p; Germany registry

Avalon Tapestry ® (2006) 164 p; Malta registry

Avalon Tranquility ® (2007) 170 p; Malta registry

Royal Lotus (**2005)  124 p

Victoria Anna (**2006)  338 p

Victoria Jenna (**2009) 378 p

Santa Cruiz (**1998) 88 p


About Avalon Waterways

In 2004, the team behind Globus, an awardwinning tour company in 65 countries around the world, extended its 80years of travel experience, into smallship cruising. Determined to design the most impressive river cruise experience possible, the team unveiled new smallship cruise brand Avalon Waterways. Avalon Waterways owns the ships it operates in European waters. Those used in Egypt, China and the Galapagos are chartered.

Captain Cook Cruises

Pier 26, Aquarium Wharf, Darling Harbour NSW 2000, Australia

Postal: No.6 Jetty Circular Quay, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Tel: +61 2 9206 1111

Fax +61 2 8270 5107



From the Great Barrier Reef to the islands of Fiji, from the bays and beaches of Sydney Harbour to the outback vastness of the Murray River basin, Captain Cook Cruises draws on over 39 years of cruising knowledge to create unique and exciting travel experiences.

The family-owned company operates a fleet of 16 vessels and offers a choice of over 150 cruises weekly throughout Australia and Fiji.

China Regal Cruises

57 West 38th Street, 11th Floor                 

New York, NY 10018                              

Tel: (212) 768-3388                                  

Tel: 212-768-3388

US Reservations 1-800-808-3388

Fax: (212) 768-4939



Princess Elaine  258 p; China Registry

Princess Jeannie  258 p;  China Registry

Princess Sheena  258 p; China Registry

About China Regal Cruises

China Regal Cruises International Co., Ltd. was established in the Yiling district of Yichang City on January 24, 2008. Its three vessels were built between 1990 and 1992 in Hamburg. The three ships have been acclaimed as “the safe and trusted ship” by the China Maritime Safety Administration. The company is the only authorized one engaged in operating cruises on the Yangtze River between Chongqing and Yichang that include


12 rue de la Division Leclerc

67000 Strasbourg, France

Tel : 0825 333 777 *

Fax :

Email :



M.S. Camargue 200 p; France registry

M.S. Mistral  200 p; France registry

M.S. Van Gogh  200 p; France registry

M.S. Rhône Princess  200 p; France registry

M.S. Renoir  200 p; France registry

M.S. Seine Princess  200 p; France registry

M.S. Michelangelo  200 p; France registry

M.S. Monet  200 p; France registry

M.S. Botticelli  200 p; France registry

M.S. Ste Odile  200 p; France registry

M.S. France  200 p; France registry

M.S. Douce France  200 p; France registry

M.S. Princesse Sissi  200 p; France registry

M.S. Leonard de Vinci  200 p; France registry

M.S. Vasco de Gama   200 p; France registry

M.S. Fernao de Magalhaes  200 p; France registry

M.S. Infante Don Henrique 200 p; France registry

M.S. La Bohème 200 p; France registry

M.S. Symphonie 200 p; France registry

M.S. Modigliani 200 p; France registry

M.S. Victor Hugo 200 p; France registry

M.S. Mona Lisa  200 p; France registry

M.S. Beethoven  200 p; France registry

M.S. Europe  200 p; France registry

M.S. Vivaldi  200 p; Malta registry

M.S. La Belle de Cadix  200 p; Belgium registry

MS Belle de l’Adriatique (2007)  206 p; Belgium registry

About CroisiEurope

CroisiEurope owns a fleet of 27 river boats, which offer cruises on 15 European rivers. In 2007, MS Belle de l’Adriatique was launched to offer sea cruises on the Adriatic and the Red Seas.

France Cruises Inc.

9901 IH 10 West, Suite 800

San Antonio, Texas 78230

Tel: 1 866 498-3920

Tel: 01 210 775-2184 (outside of the US)


About France Cruises

Founded in 2001, France Cruises is a tour operator offering cruises on France’s rivers and canals, as well as on the Duoro River in Portugal with a selection of 48 barges and several river boats.

French Country Waterways Ltd.

P.O. Box 2195 

Duxbury, Massachusetts 02331              

Tel: 800-222-1236 (US/Canada)           




Princess  (1996*)    8 p    France registry

Nenuphar (1989*) 12 p    France registry

Liberte   (1989*)     8 p    France registry

Horizon II (1989*) 12 p   France registry

Esprit  (1986*) 18 p;    France registry

*Date vessel acquired by French Country Ways

About French Country Waterways

French Country Waterways is a family-owned, personally managed company that owns and operates its fleet of five barges, which is unusual in barging. It was founded in 1984 by Pat and Jim Tyng, who decided they wanted to build their own hotel barge after taking a barge cruise in France. The first barge, the 18-passenger Esprit, converted from a cargo barge to a luxury hotel barge, was launched in 1986. In late 1989 French Country Waterways acquired the 12-passenger Horizon II, eight-passenger Liberte and 12-passenger Nenuphar, three Horizon Cruises barges that had been marketed by Hemphill-Harris. In 1996 the company acquired the Princess, which had been the private barge of international shipping magnate Daniel K. Ludwig. The company strives to set the standard for barge cruising in France and offers six-night luxury barge cruises in the heart of France—Alsace-Lorraine, Burgundy, Champagne, upper Loire Valley—from April through October. There is an English/French-speaking crew on the air-conditioned barges.

The Gota Canal Steamship Company Ltd*

Pusterviksgatan 13 Registry

SE-413 01 Gothenburg                                       


Tel: 46 (0)31-80 63 15

Fax: +46 (0)31-15 83 11




M/S Juno 110 p; Sweden registry

M/S Wilhelm Tham  110 p; Sweden registry

M/S Diana  110 p; Sweden registry

About Gota Canal Steamship Company

The Göta Canal Steamship Company Ltd, which cruises Sweden’s inland waterways, was founded in 1869. Its first boat, the Motalaström, was built in 1855. Business soon exceeded expectations and two new boats, Venus and Juno, were built. The Juno was delivered in 1874 and is still in operation. In 1876 collaboration was started with the travel agency Thomas Cook & Co in London, and the Göta Canal Steamship Company became the first company to attract tourists to Sweden. By the 1880s, the company had no less than 11 boats in service, several of which were combined cargo and passenger vessels. A new passenger steamer, Diana, was built and delivered in 1931. In 1939 World War II broke out and the boats were laid up. During the period 1947 to 1956, the company was run by several owners with varying success. In 1957 the company was bought by ship owner Helge Källsson in Lidköping. The three ships Juno, Wilhelm Tham and Diana were carefully modernized. In 1986, Källsson's daughter, Britmari Brax, bought the company from her father. Since January 2001, the shipping line is a member of the Strömma Group, a company with a long tradition in the preservation and operation of historic vessels.

Imperial River Cruise Line

Russian Federation

5 Alabyana Street

Moscow, 125057

US Office

15 Artisan Ave

Huntington, NY 11743

Tel 800-555-0678

Tel 631-692-2700




MS Chekhov  220 p; Russia registry

MS Chermyshevskiy (1981)  265 p; Russia registry

MS Dostoyevskyiy (1981/1996*) 230 p; Russia registry

MS Furmanov (1985/1995*)   285 p; Russia registry

MS Glushkov (1982/2004*) 260 p; Russia registry

MS Ivan Bunin 285 p; Russia registry

MS Koshevoy (1988/2005*)  260 p; Russia registry

MS Lenin (1987/2007*)  260 p; Russia registry

MS Litvinov (1990) 240 p; Russia registry

MS Novikov-Priboy (1980’s/2004*)  260 p; Russia registry

MS Russ (1987.2007*)  260 p; Russia registry

MS Shevchenko (1991) 240 p; Russia registry

MS Peter Tchaikovsky (1981/2000*)  230 p; Russia registry

Icebreaker 50 Years of Victory (50 LET POBEDY)  128 p; Russia registry

About Imperial River Cruise Line

Imperial River Cruises (IRC) is a US-based business corporation that has been providing river cruises and specialized travel services in Russia and Ukraine for about 20 years on its owned or chartered vessels, which are registered either in Russia or the Ukraine. IRC is a member of NCMA, IATA,NACTA, and ATS and operates cruises along the Volga, Svir, Neva, Don and Dnepr rivers, as well as the Black and Caspian Seas.

Le Boat

93 N. Park Place Blvd.

Clearwater, Florida 33759


Fax: 727-530-9747



About Le Boat

Le Boat offers river vessels for rent or charter. It is part of TUI Travel PLC, one of the largest travel and tourism companies in the world.

Lüftner Cruises

Dr. W. Lüftner Reisen – Lüftner Cruises

Amraser Seestr. 56

A - 6020 Innsbruck, Austria

Tel: +43 512 365781-17

Fax: +43 512 365781-6




MS Amadeus Brilliant (2011) 134 p; Germany registry

MS Amadeus Diamond (2008)  160 p; Germany registry

MS Amadeus Elegant (2010)  150 p; German registry

MS Amadeus Princess (2006)  152 p; Germany registry

MS Amadeus Royal (2005) 142 p; Germany registry

MS Amadeus Symphony (2003)  146 p; Germany registry

MS Amadeus Classic (2001)  146 p; Germany registry

MS Amadeus Rhapsody (1998)  142 p; Germany registry

MS Amadeus (1997)  146 p; Germany registry

MS Danubia  (2007 renovated); 142 p; Germany registry

About Lüftner Cruises

Founded more than 30 years ago, the Austrian privately owned company currently operates ten ships and will launch its newest ship in April 2011---the Amadeus Brilliant.

Bilingual cruises are offered along Dutch and Belgian rivers, the French Rhône and Saône, and up and down the Rhine, Main, Moselle and Danube.

Mid-Lakes Navigation Company Ltd.

11 Jordan St., PO Box 61

Skaneateles, NY  13152

Tel: 315-685-8500

Tel: 800-545-4318

Fax: 315-685-7566




Emita II      40 p      US Registry

About Mid-Lakes Navigation Company

The company operates two- and three-day cruises on the 360-mile-long Erie Canal that links the Hudson River in upstate New York to the Great Lakes. Cruises depart from Buffalo, Syracuse and Albany. Daily cruises also available.

NY Waterway

4800 Avenue at Port Imperial

Weehawken, NJ  07086

Tel: 1-800-533-3779 /


About NY Waterway

In the early 1800s, ferries were the only way to get to and around Manhattan. As bridges and tunnels were built, ferry transportation faded. In 1986, Arthur E. Imperatore and his family rejuvenated the New York Harbor with the launch of the first NY Waterway boat. New York Waterway offers ferry services to New Jersey; sightseeing day cruises around New York; and day cruises up the Hudson River during fall foliage season as well as excursions to Yankee Stadium for baseball games. Multilingual staff on board.

Orient Express/Afloat In France                                   

20 Upper Ground

London, SE1 9PF, UK

Tel: +44 20 7805 5060

Fax: +44 20 7805 5938

USA Reservations



Website:   (Click Trains & Cruises)


Alouette Barge  4 p;  France registry

Amaryllis  8 p; France registry

Fleur de Lys Barge  6 p; France registry

Hirondelle  8 p; France registry

Napoleon  12p; France registry

Road To Mandalay  82 p; Yangon/Bridgetown registry

About Orient Express/Cruises

With its inaugural voyage in January 1996, the Road To Mandalay became the ideal way to explore the undiscovered beauty of Myanmar (Burma). The ship originally began life as a Rhine cruiser in Germany and made her maiden voyage on July 6, 1964. Originally built to very high standards for its day, the ship was purchased by Orient-Express Hotels/ Trains & Cruises in 1994 following a period as a floating hotel in Dresden. The ship underwent a major refurbishment program at Lauenberg /Hamburg at a cost of $6 million. Today, this very upscale vessel cruises on the Irrawaddy River, which flows over 1,250 miles from the Kachin Hills in Burma’s North to the Andaman Sea.

Afloat in France is a division of Orient Express is which operates a feet of five luxury barges that ply the rivers of France.

Scenic Tours

Level 2,

11 Brown Street

Newcastle, NSW 2300

Tel: 300 36 00

Fax: (020 4929 4943



North America Office

900 West Georgia Street

Vancouver BC Canada

V6C 2W6

Tel:   1.866.689.8611 (toll free)

Tel: 604.689.8611



Scenic Emerald (2008)  169 p; Malta registry

Scenic Saphire (2008) 169p; Malta registry

Scenic Diamond (2009)  169 p; Malta registry

Scenic Ruby (2009) 169 p; Malta registry

Scenic Pearl (2011)  169 p; Malta registry

About Scenic Tours

Founded by Australian Glen Moroney in 1987, Scenic Tours offers tours around the world. The privately owned company launched its Scenic Space Ships in 2008 for the European river cruise market. The company also operates but does not own the Tikhi Don in Russia; and the Jaz Minerva and Jaz Legacy in Egypt.

Sea Cloud Cruises GmbH

An der Alster 9

D-20099 Hamburg

Tel: +49 (0)40-30 95 92-50  

Fax: +49 (0)40-30 95 92-22  


US Office

32-40 North Dean Street   

Englewood, New Jersey 07631

Tel: 1-201-227-9404

Fax: 1-201-227-9424



River Cloud II   88 p; Madeira registry

About Sea Cloud

The German-owned company operates one river vessel that offers cruises on the Rhine, Main, Moselle and Danube Rivers in Germany and Austria. The company also offers voyages on its two sailing ships with a third one debuting in 2011.

Scylla Tours AG

Uferstrasse 90


CH-4019 Basel, Switzerland

Tel:  +41 (0)61 638 81 81

Fax: +41 (0)61 638 81 80




MS Aurelia (2007) 159 p; Switzerland registry

MS Swiss Coral (1998/2007*) 90 p Switzerland registry

MS Swiss Corona (2004) 155 p; Switzerland registry

MS Swiss Crown (20000 154 p; Switzerland registry

MS Swiss Crystal (1995/2007*)  125 p; Switzerland registry

MS Swiss Diamond (1996/2006*)  123 p; Switzerland registry

MS Swiss Emerald (2006  124 p; Switzerland registry

MS Swiss Gloria (2005) 153 p; Switzerland registry

MS Swiss Jewel (2009)  124 p; Switzerland registry

MS Swiss Pearl (1993/2006*)  123 p; Switzerland registry

MS Swiss Ruby (2002)  88 p; Switzerland registry

MS Swiss Sapphire    (2008)  124 p; Switzerland registry

MS Saxonia Switzerland registry

MS Switzerland II  (1991/2001*)  110 p; Holland registry  

MS Swiss Tiara (2006)  153 p; Switzerland registry

MS Vistaprima (20100  158 p; Switzerland registry           

* Renovated

About Scylla Tours

Scylla Tours AG began in the 1974 season with the MS SCYLLA. Since then the fleet has expanded to 15 vessels, offering bilingual cruises on European waterways.

Tauck River Cruises

10 Norden Place

Norwalk, CT 06855

Tel: 1-203-899-6500

Tel: 1-800-468-2825



ms Swiss Emerald (2006)   118 p; Switzerland registry

ms Swiss Sapphire (2008) 118 p; Switzerland registry

ms Swiss Jewel (2009)   118 p; Switzerland registry

About Tauck River Cruises

Founded in the 1920s, the family-owned Tauck World Discovery offers tours by sea and land and is considered a leading escorted travel operator. More recently, the company launched its river cruises division and operates three chartered vessels on European rivers. A fourth vessel will join the fleet in 2011.

The Boat Company

18819 3rd Ave. NE,

Ste. 200

PO Box 1839

Poulsbo, Washington 98370

Tel: 360-697-4242

Fax: 360-697-5454




M/V Liseron   20 p; US registry

M/V Mist Cove  24 p; US  registry

About The Boat Company

Incorporated in Alaska in 1979 by the McIntosh Foundation, The Boat Company is a non-profit educational organization offering luxury eco-cruises through Southeast Alaska. The itinerary of Boat Company trips is flexible and spontaneous to experience nature at her best. Hikers can spend as much time off the boat as they like, fishermen can stream fish or take out skiffs with guides and try their luck, while those on canoes and kayaks can explore hidden covers and scenic shorelines.

The Majestic Line

3 Melville Crescent

Edinburgh, Scotland




Tel: +44 (0)131 623 5012


Glenn Massan (1974/2004*)  11 p; Scotland registry

Glenn Tarsan (2007*)  11 p; Scotland registry


About The Majestic Line

In 2004 owners Andy Thoms and Ken Grant bought and converted their first vessel-a wooden hulled fishing trawler to a minicruise vessel, sailing out of Holy Loch, near Dunoon to cruise the wonderful sheltered lochs and islands of the area. In May 2007 a sister vessel, The Glen Tarsan was launched to sail out of Oban, exploring Mull and Islay. The Majestic Line cruises visit the sheltered lochs and islands of South Argyll and the Inner Hebrides.

Union des Péniches de Croisières du Midi (UPCM)


This French association boasts membership of most of the passenger boats cruising in the South of France, and particularly along the Canal du Midi.

Below is a selection of the privately owned and operated hotel-barges. Vessels include:

-- Anjodi, 8 passengers; 

-- Alegria, 4 passengers,     

-- Athos, 12 passengers,  

-- Caroline, 6 passengers,  

-- Clair de Lune, 6 passengers,  

-- Emma, 6 passengers,  

-- Enchanté, 8 passengers,  

-- Fandango, 6 passengers,  

-- Roi Soleil, 6 passengers,  

Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection                                                   

17323 Ventura Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA  91316

Tel: 800-733-7820 (toll free)

Tel: 818-382-7820

Fax: 818- 382-2709

Reservations: 800-555-8333 (toll free)




Duroro Queen (2005) 126 p; Portugal registry

Duoro Spirit (2011) 128 p  Portugal registry

Prince Abbas (1998) 140 p Egypt cruises

River Ambassador (1993)  128 p Europe

River Antoinette  (2011) 164 p; Europe

River Baroness (1994/2005*) 128  p; Europe

River Countess (2003/2007*) 134 p; Europe

River Dutchess (2003/2007*)  134p; Europe

River Empress (2001/2010*)  134 p; Europe

River Princess (20001/2009*)  132 p; Europe

River Queen (1999/2010); 132 p; Europe

River Royale (2006/)  132 p; Europe

River Tosca (2009) 82 p Egypt cruises

River Victoria (2011); Russia

Victoria Anna (2006); 308 p; China registry

Victoria Jenna (209)  378 p; China registry

Victoria Prince (2004)   208 p; China registry

About Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection

For nearly four decades, Uniworld has taken guests to the most spectacular destinations in Europe, Egypt, and China.  Since 2006, when Uniworld was acquired by the Travel Corporation, the parent company of many popular travel companies such as Trafalgar, Insight, Brendan, and Contiki, as well as Red Carnation Hotels, Uniworld has made major investments in its ships. Nine of the vessels are owned by Uniworld for cruises in Europe. In addition, the company jointly operates one river cruise ship, the Douro Queen, in Portugal (with the new Douro Spirit entering service in 2011); and another, the River Victoria, in Russia. Ships used in the Egypt program are under charter agreements; and, in China, space is booked through an affiliation with Victoria Cruises, the country's premiere five-star river cruise ship company.

Victoria Cruises, Inc.

57-08, 39th Avenue                                          

Woodside, New York 11377                             

Tel: 1-800-348-8084

Tel; 1-212-818-1680

Fax: 1-212-818-9889                                        


Victoria Cruises China Office

Chongqing Victoria Management and Consulting Company

#9 Shanxi Road 11 Floor Building B, Jiliang Square,

Yuzhong District, Chongqing, China

Tel: 0086-23-6163-7688

Fax: 0086-23-6160-9577




Victoria Katarina (2004/2010*)   266 p; China registry;

Victoria Prince (1994/2004*)  208 p; China registry

Victoria Queen (1995/2003*)  206 p; China registry

Victoria Star (1994/2003*)  206 p; China registry

Victoria Empress (1996/2002*)  198 p; China registry

Victoria Rose  (1992/2001*)  130 p; China registry

Victoria Anna (2006/2010*)  308 p; China registry

Victoria Jenna (2009)  378 p; China registry

*Victoria Cruises presents the majesty of the Yangtze River, the third largest river in the world and China’s longest. Based in New York, Victoria Cruises established new standards of excellence for Yangtze River cruising more than eight years ago with the inaugural sailing of the Victoria I. Victoria Cruises is the only U.S. company that operates and manages the largest fleet of vessels sustaining international standards of quality and comfort on the Yangtze River with multilingual staffs on three- to ten-day itineraries. All cruises sail through the ship locks adjacent to China's new engineering marvel-the Three Gorges Dam, where a sightseeing tour is included.

Victoria Cruises is a member of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), and an allied member of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) and the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA).

Viking River Cruises, Inc.  

5700 Canoga Avenue, Suite 200

Woodland Hills, California 91367

Tel: (818) 227-1234



Vessels Cruising in Europe:

Viking Danube  (1999)  150 p;

 Viking Europe (2001)  150 p;

Viking Fontane (1991/2010*)  110 p

Viking Helvetia (2006) 198 p

Viking Legend (2009)  188 p

Viking Neptune(2001)  150 p

Viking Prestige (2011)  188 p

Viking Pride (2001)  150 p

Viking Primadonna (1998)  124 p

Viking Schumann (1991/2001*)  124 p

Viking Sky  (1999)  150p

Viking Spirit  (2001)  150 p

Viking Sun (2005) 198 p

Vessels Cruising in Russia/Ukraine

Viking Kirov (1987/2009*)  210 p

Viking Lomonosov (2003*)  202 p

Viking Pakhomov

Viking Peterhof  (2007*)  210 p

Viking Surkov (1984/2008*)  210 p

Vessels Cruising in Egypt

Prince Abbas (1998/2007*)  124 p**

Royal Lily (2007)  120 p**

Royal Lotus (2005)  130 p**

Vessels Cruising in China

Viking Century Sun (2006)  300 p

Viking Emerald (2011)  264 p

* Last renovated

** Vessels operated by Viking’s Swiss travel partner, hotel operator Mövenpick.

About Viking River Cruises

* Viking River Cruises, a global corporation headquartered in Woodlands, California, was established in 1997 by a Scandinavian and Dutch consortium with the purchase of four Russian ships. The following year, additional European ships were purchased, and the company continued to cater to European passengers. With the establishment of a U.S. headquarters in Los Angeles in 2000, Viking River Cruises expanded into the American market. That same year Viking purchased the Cologne, Germany-based KD River Cruises. In 2010 Viking operates 18 vessels. Two new vessels will debut in 2011.

Revised October 2010